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North Node opposite North Node

A learning experience

Kelli Fox

What a tricky influence this will be! But a strangely magnetic one, as well. You'll find that you're pulling in different directions in life -- maybe even perfectly opposite ones, meaning, you're each headed where the other has already been.

This should be an interesting ride. You'll have plenty to share with each other in terms of your own past experiences, but will you be able to take in the advice you'll have to offer each other? Any ego issues that might exist between you could get in the way of an even flow of communication. At the same time, you'll each recognize -- consciously or subconsciously -- that your friend has a lot of experience and knowledge that you need, and that you'll want to draw from. This will be a very stimulating draw for both of you! You'll help each other out in focusing on your goals, and that's invaluable.

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