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North Node opposite Neptune

Possible stagnation

Kelli Fox

You're seeking personal development and a newer, better way to live your life, and you'll want to connect with your friend in a way that is emotionally intuitive, compassionate and supportive. In fact, you'll feel as if you do connect with this person at that gentle and natural level; you'll feel comfortable together, supported and nurtured, as if you're finally pointed in the right direction. But this feeling is deceptive; in this particular relationship, it actually means you're moving backward along your path of personal evolution, not forward.

Your friend represents someone or something from your past. but the person you are now doesn't need that particular brand of understanding any longer. You're smarter, stronger and braver than you used to be. You'll discover, slowly but surely, that where you need to go in life doesn't match up with your buddy's sweet support, but making the break -- turning away from their comfortable haven and toward your own 'true north' -- could be a confusing, even upsetting process. In some sense, the more uncomfortable this process becomes, the more you'll know you're headed in the right direction.

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