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Neptune trine Saturn

Helping each other

Kelli Fox

Whatever your friend's methods are of feeling strong and secure in the world, your own methods of expanding your consciousness and breaking past the bounds of security needs will have a positive effect on them. You'll be able to take them beyond those materialistic or status-oriented urges to a more spiritually enlightened space of understanding. You'll inspire them to free themselves from the need for tangible, quantifiable symbols of security and explore their own intuitive, imaginative side.

Similarly, they'll help to ground you when your own fantasies take you too far from reality. When you're a little too gullible, they'll help you open your eyes once again. When your intuitions lead you astray, they will help guide you back to a workable plan of action. You can help each other to grow and learn on both the spiritual and physical planes.

Neptune trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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