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Neptune trine Mercury

Creative inspiration

Kelli Fox

This aspect will strengthen and deepen your communicative link, because it will blend your friend's sense of logic and verbal cognition with your own grasp of abstractions like intuition, emotion and dreams. Even your direct, verbal communication will be fluid and creative, and you'll understand your buddy at a deep and sweet level. You'll encourage them not to be so strictly logical in their thinking, and to embrace their feeling side.

In turn, they'll be able to put words to the instincts and emotions you may sense within yourself but not entirely understand, which will make you feel understood and heard in a way that may be delightfully new for you. Inspiration will be easy to come by when you two are together, because you'll give each other access to any and all parts of the communicative sphere. Through being creative in your communication with each other, you'll each grow to know yourselves at a more intuitive level.

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