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Neptune sextile Uranus

Outside the box

Kelli Fox

You'll stimulate each other in some surprising ways that enhance both your lives. Your partner will excite and amaze you, and their creative energy will act as an igniting spark to your imaginative, intuitive side. They will encourage you to be very creative in your thinking and to bring your impressions into tangible reality.

In return, you'll naturally encourage them to be more emotional in their thinking and to tap into their own intuitive side when concocting their wild plans. In fact, 'wild' is a great word for the effect you'll have on each other -- wild, weird and wonderful! Your dreams and fantasies will find unusual expression in this relationship. Your friend will help you realize your dreams in some strange and exciting ways. You may become more spiritually active through your connection with this person, and they may become more in tune with their own spiritual side as a result of knowing you.

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