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Neptune quincunx Uranus

Under the radar

Kelli Fox

You two will figure out fast that when it comes to creative energy, you have very different and somewhat incompatible approaches. You're more dreamy and intuitive than your buddy is; you have a more instinctive way of sussing out a situation and figuring out your feelings about it, or your next move. But this will frustrate your friend who won't want to wait while you take the time to feel and sense and process!

Your intuitive nature will bring their rebellious, impulsive side to the fore. While you're busy feeling out a situation, they'll just act -- often in a way that's abrasive or confusing for you. Their brand of creativity will seem like useless rebellion to you. Part of the problem here is that neither one of you is right or wrong in your approach; these are simply two different ways of perceiving and interacting with the world. Can you maintain a friendship with each other? Yes, with good, clear communication and a mutual effort at accepting each other. Expect some bumps along the road, though.

Neptune quincunx Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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