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Neptune quincunx North Node

Elusive Understanding

Kelli Fox

This aspect will make it difficult to foster any kind of real understanding between you, and your pal, especially, might move along their path in life feeling ignored and misunderstood. This won't necessarily be a big, disruptive influence; instead, it's likely to be one that bothers your friend on an intermittent basis. They'll feel neglected to some subtle degree, and they'll wonder just what it is about them that you can't understand.

Conversely, they might not get you either! This will be a mutual misunderstanding, based on a strange lack of clarity when it comes to looking at each other's lives and ambitions. As with most problems in a friendship, a commitment to clear, gentle and honest communication will help -- but could be difficult to attain. There will just be some blockage between you that will impede your understanding of each other.

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