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Neptune quincunx Mercury

Being honest

Kelli Fox

Don't be surprised if annoying communication issues begin to develop between you over time. In the beginning, you'll enjoy your intuitive bond. You'll feel as if you've found the friend you've always dreamed of, because often you won't even need words to communicate; you'll simply tap into each other's subtle vibrations.

But despite all this good stuff, your true personality and emotions will be something of a mystery to your buddy, in part because you won't be entirely forthcoming with your genuine thoughts and feelings. But keeping parts of yourself hidden diminishes the true friendship between you, and also allows your buddy to project whatever image they like onto you. This will only give rise to trouble later, when your real self starts to leak out, leading to confusion and disappointment on both sides. Avoid this trouble by striving to be open and honest from the start, even if you have to visit uncomfortable subjects or reveal yourself as a less-than-perfect person and friend.

Neptune quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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