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Neptune opposite Uranus

All or nothing

Kelli Fox

Will your friend's exciting, unusual energy and rebellious spirit confuse your sensitive perceptions, or will they spark you up and inspire you to be more creative in your own thinking? It could go either way. Similarly, your intuitive side will either encourage them to tune in more to their own feelings, or it will seem to them like an unwelcome damper on their creative impulses.

If you can strike the right balance, your similar yet different perceptions and approaches to life will be a real enhancement to one another's lives. Your buddy's kinetic energy could push you to give creative expression to your spiritual, abstract impressions. Your sensitive nature could encourage them to feel as well as think and act. Or, they could just confuse you to no end, making you want to stick your head under the covers! This could go either way; it's all in how you choose to view each other and what each of you brings to the table.

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