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Neptune opposite Sun

Rose-colored glasses

Kelli Fox

Your friend will represent some powerful things to you; their energy and vitality will all shine out brightly to you, and you'll yearn to be as individualistic as you'll perceive them to be. When you meet them and begin getting to know them, there could even be a strong feeling deep inside you of togetherness and recognition, based on something ephemeral that is beyond anything you can pinpoint in reality. You'll run a strong risk of suppressing your own individuality in favor of trying to soak up or emulate your friend's.

In truth, your reading of their personality will be based in large part on projection; you won't be responding so much to who they truly are as to an idealized image that you'll be casting onto them. You'll need to try extra hard to stand on your own two feet and be your own person rather than allowing yourself to be sucked into the influence of your friend's powerful personality.

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