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Neptune opposite Saturn

Mind Control

Kelli Fox

To you, your friend's attempts at creating security will look a whole lot more like pessimism, cynicism or arrogance. And to them, your attempt to tune in to your spiritual, intuitive side will look way too much like gullibility and useless dreaming. You'll push each other's buttons in a big way: They'll think you lack common sense and will respond by trying to control and repress your flights of fancy.

Meanwhile, you'll think they lack imagination and will respond by willfully pursuing spiritual instead of practical pursuits. What a frustrating mess for both of you! There can be a positive outcome here, however, if you have a strong communicative bond and keep those channels open. The thing is, you're both right about each other, at least in part. You could use some grounding in reality from time to time, just as your buddy could use some help in breaking free of their many self-imposed restrictions. You can help each other out with this if you can find a way to work together instead of reacting against each other.

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