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Neptune opposite Mercury

Strive for honesty

Kelli Fox

Idealizing your communications and striving for flawless mutual understanding will be a potential trap in this relationship. You will share an unusually sensitive connection; you'll idealize your friend and be able to tune in intuitively to what they're thinking and feeling. What you'll have a hard time recognizing will be the fact that many of your perceptions of them won't be accurate.

You'll paint a picture inside your own mind of who they are, and the image you finally come up with won't be very precise. In fact, it will rely on many projections of your own hopes and expectations about friendships. How can good, honest, clear communication come from such a confusing mixture of reality and fantasy? Furthermore, any evasions or half-truths that you engage in will confuse your partner to the point that they'll start to distrust their perceptions of you. The sooner you can fight through the misinformation and misperceptions to a place of mutual openness and humble honesty, the better. That's when true friendship will begin.

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