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Neptune opposite Mars

A commitment to honesty

Kelli Fox

Any level of dishonesty between you could sap away the vitality of your connection. But true honesty will be difficult to achieve, especially on your side of things. When problems come up in the relationship, you might hide your true emotions out of defensiveness or fear of hurting your friend's feelings, or simply claim there's no problem in hopes that it'll disappear.

Even these well-intended fibs will be both misleading and frustrating for your buddy. If they tend toward aggressive behavior, that tendency will be amplified as they struggle to deal with feelings of irritation in this relationship. Of course, what would be best would be to deal with the mismatch between your emotional life and their natural, innate energy in a head-on, honest way. Clear, open communication will help bridge the gap, but it will require trying your hardest to talk things out in an honest, calm and open manner.

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