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Neptune conjunct Venus

Perfect friendship

Kelli Fox

Emotionally, you'll have an incredibly strong and comforting bond with each other. You'll tap into each other's deeper natures almost effortlessly, at an intuitive level, and you'll both revel in the sense that you've found a perfect friend. Almost from the start you'll share a feeling of compassionate understanding.

You'll have a creative bond that's unlike anything either of you may have experienced before. But the mutual idealization of your friendship could lead to disillusionment later on. You won't always enjoy flawless communication. Snags, problems, misunderstandings -- these are what keep you tuned in and growing, as you try to work through them together and move forward. So when you run into trouble together, don't get bogged down in disappointment or confusion; instead, take it as a chance to strengthen your connection with each other.

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