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Neptune conjunct Uranus

A boom in creativity

Kelli Fox

Your friend will stimulate your imaginative, intuitive side and encourage you to be very creative in your thinking. Similarly, your influence will encourage them to be more emotional in their thinking and to tap into their intuitive side when they're concocting their wild plans. In fact, 'wild' is a great word for the effect you'll have on each other!

You'll find that your dreams and fantasies find quite unusual, unexpected expression in this friendship. Your buddy will excite and amaze you, and with them you can realize your dreams in some strange and exciting ways. Let's hope one of you can keep you both grounded in reality -- meaning, the reality everyone else knows and loves -- because with this kind of creative spontaneous combustion, you're likely to get way out there in your thinking. Who knows when, how or even if you'll come back to the 'real world'!

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