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Neptune conjunct North Node

Losing Sight Of Your Path

Kelli Fox

Somehow, this friendship will confuse your buddy's sense of life direction. You two will have a strong emotional kinship, but you could actually obscure your friend's sense of individuality by being in this friendship. This won't happen because of any sort of deliberate manipulation on your part; it will just be a natural quality of your friendship, one that will have to be recognized in order to be worked around.

They might even change their plans to align them more with yours. But that wouldn't be the best thing for either of you. Allowing a friendship to get you off-track isn't a good idea! Instead, you should both try to find a way to honor your own paths in life while also maintaining the friendship. You'll have a very creative, inspiring bond, even an intuitive one; why not use this to inspire you in attaining your own goals?

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