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Neptune conjunct Neptune

Dream friends

Kelli Fox

Since you're close in age, musically and artistically, you'll be a wonderful match. You'll have very similar tastes in art, and it will be important to both of you. Music and films will be a big focus for you as well.

You'll be dreamy together. Since you'll have such a dreamy connection, you could spend a lot of time in this other world of your own creation -- which could be a good thing or a bad one. After all, it's entirely possible that this 'other world' will just be the world of television -- and you'll encourage each other to be couch potatoes! This aspect will be like that -- it will encourage all your positive traits of dreaminess and creativity, but all your negative ones too, of laziness or indecisiveness. It could be hard to keep a grip on reality when you're together.

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