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Neptune conjunct Mercury

Developed imaginations

Kelli Fox

Yours will be a creative connection; when you're together, there will be a sense that leaps of faith are worth taking, and abstractions make life more interesting. This could lead to some confusing communication, of course, which you'll likely be more comfortable with than your friend will. You'll encourage them to pay greater attention to their dreams, their instincts and all the other influences in their life that defy logic.

You'll teach them that logic is sometimes less important than what you can sense with your subtler faculties. They, in turn, will help you to become more direct and concrete in your abstract thinking, and to put words to your deeper emotions. This aspect will boost your communicative link and ensure that you enjoy a blend of logic and intuition when you're talking or working together, and it will also ensure that your thinking will never become stale or one-track-minded -- even when it's a little more confusing than you'd like.

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