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Mercury trine North Node

Intellectual Compatibility

Kelli Fox

You two will form a nice communicative bond, because this person will really want to know what you have to say about things. They'll come to you for advice, for a laugh, for your own, unique perspective on things -- and you'll both have a great time talking. But more than fun, the particular mental energy created between you will useful for a specific and beneficial purpose.

You'll help your pal to become more fully self-realized by encouraging them to think both broadly and in specifics. Translation? You'll help them come up with a game plan that works for them, but you'll also help them learn to do that on their own. Your friend will make you feel really interesting and smart, because they'll be so hungry for your perspective. There will be a familiarity between you from the start; you'll find that you have like minds and you'll be instinctively comfortable with each other.

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