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Mercury trine Jupiter

A Common Vision

Kelli Fox

Inspiration and growth will be a big focus between you. Your friend knows how to dream big; they look at the future as an interesting puzzle, one they want to solve soon and with a lot of creativity. And they'll have this effect on you, helping you to see things with their sense of humor and hope.

This is because you two really are similar when it comes down to your ideas and the ways your minds work. You've had a lot of life experience, and your buddy will be able to take all that you've learned through your experiences and put it toward some practical use. Don't be surprised if you end up starting a business together or writing a book -- something creative that will involve your intellect and your friend's creativity, your problem-solving skills and their street smarts. Whatever it is, it'll definitely be a success, because how could it not? As long as you two stay focused on your optimistic sense of possibility and opportunity, you'll be able to accomplish just about anything you both put your minds to.

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