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Mercury square Saturn

Restricted Communications

Kelli Fox

You might get along well at first, but after a while you'll find it more and more difficult to communicate with each other. Criticisms from your friend will stack up and create resentment, and could deplete your self-esteem. You might find your buddy is more prejudiced or conservative than you originally realized.

They'll be hard on your ideas and they'll regularly challenge your intellect. Even if they know you're smart and knowledgeable, they'll project the sense that they don't think you're very smart at all. What a limiting influence this could end up being! But it doesn't have to be. You could use it as a chance to become more thorough in your thinking, and more dedicated to your own path in life and your own ideas. Your friend will push you to state your case and defend it. While this will probably get annoying, it could become an important part of your personal mental development.

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