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Mercury square Mars

Tone It Down

Kelli Fox

Getting along with each other could be a little tricky. You'll try to express yourself in the ways that you know how, but those ways could conflict with your friend's. You'll take the well-thought-out, logical approach, while they'll shoot from the hip, so to speak, acting and reacting on gut instinct.

It'll be calculation versus impulse. Small irritations can turn into bigger misunderstandings and then an impulsive reaction mode will click into place. Emotional situations, especially, will be ground for faulty reasoning. You may both just start reacting instead of trying to assess the situation calmly. Needless to say, this kind of grouchy, touchy energy can make it difficult for each of you to understand where your buddy is coming from. Trust and respect will slowly erode unless you can find a way to tone it down when you're together.

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