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Mercury sextile Sun

Express Yourselves

Kelli Fox

From the get-go, you two will share an easy understanding and a communicative rapport. It will be easier than usual for you to express yourselves. This is because you'll have an instinctive understanding for just how to get through to each other and how to respect one another.

Your friend may derive a sense of power and vitality from this friendship, as if their individuality is better defined than ever before. They'll really appreciate your respect for them as a unique person with original, valid ideas and perspectives. They'll be very talkative with you and will enjoy discussing their past experiences and relationships, their present activities and their goals for the future, as well as hearing all about yours. You could both even enjoy getting into the occasional, fun debate, since neither of you is threatened by the other's opinions. You also have great potential to be highly creative together; whether this takes the form of some really fun, unique activities or actually launching a creative or entrepreneurial project together is up to you!

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