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Mercury sextile Saturn

A Studious Approach

Kelli Fox

Your friend will have a sobering effect on you. You'll focus on serious subjects in your conversations and you'll be thorough in your thinking together. If you have an issue to talk out, you'll do so with serious intentions to get past the obstacle.

This aspect will help to ensure that you two communicate well and carefully. Your buddy will help you deal with issues in your own life, offering advice on anything you need help with. Other more difficult aspects to your friendship will be aided by this generally positive one, because of the good communication it will foster. Any issues that come up will find real solutions; any ideas either of you has will either be grounded in reality or quickly tossed out as unusable. You'll work well together; this aspect would support a business or creative relationship as well as a friendship. Practical experience, knowledge and advice will be a focus between you, and you'll both try hard to put your best effort forward in this friendship.

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