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Mercury quincunx North Node

Benign Disconnect

Kelli Fox

There'll be something lacking when you talk with each other -- you might not always understand each other's jokes or points of view. You'll get frustrated with each other. At base, there's a disconnect in your individual focuses.

Your buddy might be focusing on you, but you might have trouble focusing on them. Thus, their needs will end up flying over your head, unrecognized and unfulfilled. This won't be due to any kind of malice or even selfishness on your part; it will simply be a basically benign disconnect that can be corrected if you both want it to be. You'll have to admit the fact that there's something not quite right in the way you two communicate -- that you both tend to get irritated pretty easily. Then you'll have to make the conscious effort to listen to what your friend is saying and respond directly to them. The differences between you don't have to be threatening or insurmountable, but it will take some work to get past them.

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