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Mercury quincunx Mars

Impatience And Disagreements

Kelli Fox

There are some basic incompatibilities between you that could cause misunderstandings and the occasional flare-up. In general, you won't be very patient with each other. Differences between two people, the ways that they think and express themselves, are natural and to be expected, but somehow, you two won't be able to tolerate those differences very well.

What's more, you'll openly voice your displeasure with your pal instead of trying to keep it under your hat. You'll see them as the more impulsive of the two of you, and yourself as the more calculated and thoughtful one; each of those dispositions will grate on the other's nerves. If you want to keep hanging out and getting along, you'll just have to accept that you're different people with different ways of meeting the world. Being humble and calm instead of irritable will help keep things running smoothly. Compromise will definitely be key in your friendship.

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