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Mercury opposite Mars

Friends Or Adversaries?

Kelli Fox

Communication won't be smooth and easy for you two. You like to think things through carefully and logically, but your friend won't follow your lead; they're used to acting and reacting, which could intimidate or at least annoy you. Things will start out okay, but then all of a sudden you'll find yourselves in an argument -- and often over the silliest subjects.

If you try to trace what happened, you'll find that some minor irritation occurred somewhere along the line, but instead of just glossing over it and moving on, your pal picked it up and ran with it, turning it into something much bigger than it ever needed to be. Misperceptions and projections will run rampant between you. Even the more even-tempered of the two of you will get into this kind of behavior; you'll just draw it out of each other. Patience with each other could be hard to come by in this friendship.

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