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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Overly Idealistic

Kelli Fox

You'll have to be careful about how you communicate, because you'll set up a pattern of projection and idealism in the early stages of your friendship that could lead to confusing interactions later on. Your image of your pal will be positive, but it will be larger than life -- inaccurate, and with a set of built-in standards that will be hard to live up to. Needless to say, this idealized image of them could lead to disappointments down the line, when you wake up to the uncomfortable truth that your friend is, in fact, only human.

Idealizing each other will come from a good, well-intentioned place in the beginning. You'll recognize each other's mental strengths, you'll feel energized and optimistic, and you'll each start to look up to the other as a sort of mentor. But in this process, you might lose sight of your own values or goals. You need to promote your own mental growth instead of looking to someone else to stimulate it. Try to see each other as the human beings that you truly are, rather than the images you'll project onto each other.

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