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Mercury conjunct Mars

Friendly Debates

Kelli Fox

You two will have a strong mental connection. You'll have great conversations, but they could get heated -- your pal will constantly try to best you, interrupting you in order to show off their cleverness and sharp wits. If you can handle that kind of energy, this influence should be a lot of fun!

And your friendly debates could be really exciting. If you grew up in a household that encouraged lively communication, you'll feel right at home in this friendship; but if you're used to more respectful or sedate conversations, you could be taken by surprise -- especially if your friend relies on aggressive arguments to make their point. That kind of approach could make the best of us shrink back! It'll definitely take two strong backbones to make this aspect work. If you don't find it fun to debate every issue, you might not like the way your conversations go.

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