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Mars trine Uranus

A Taste For Adventure

Kelli Fox

An adventuresome bent will be the focus between the two of you. The energy you'll create together will excite you both and keep you tuned in to each other. For some friends, this kind of influence could just be unsettling, but you two will enjoy it, and you'll be able to create a very stable friendship.

If you decide to work on any type of project together, it will be touched by creative magic. Your buddy will be the idea person in this team, while you'll be the one to take those ideas and run with them, turning them into reality. This could be a really great partnership in business, sports, creative projects and more, so take advantage of it. Take on any project you can dream up, because you'll be almost assured of success and originality in any combined undertaking. You're a great match for a true friendship.

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