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Mars square Uranus

Push Comes To Shove

Kelli Fox

From your first contact, you two will know almost instinctively how to get under each other's skin. Throughout the friendship, you'll probably try to push or control this person -- what they do and when, what they say and don't say -- even if that's not normally in your nature. Something about their insistence on independence will make you try to pin them down by force.

But they'll rebel against any controlling efforts on your part. They'll willfully demonstrate to you again and again that they're an individual, not part of any team with you -- and certainly not yours to control. All this pushing and pulling could make it hard to feel like anything other than enemies! This friendship may not last under the pressure of your mutual inability to cooperate with each other; you both might be better off making friends with someone who doesn't push so many of your buttons.

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