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Mars square North Node

Let Them Grow

Kelli Fox

Absolutely without meaning to, you could hold this person back from finding their individual path in life. You could take a really strong stance against, say, your friend moving out-of-state for a great new job opportunity, or some other kind of change that you feel could threaten your friendship. But change in life is inevitable, isn't it?

And following where your life leads you is one of the most important things you'll do during your time on this earth. So why stand in their way? The funny thing is, by not supporting your friend, you'll end up pushing them away -- in effect, causing the very thing you didn't want to happen. So instead of fighting forward progress in your pal's life, you should both try to let each other progress as individuals. You both deserve to make your most cherished dreams of a fulfilling future come true, and you shouldn't do each other the disservice of holding each other back from that journey.

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