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Mars square Mercury

Tone It Down

Kelli Fox

In conversation, you two could get locked in an ongoing battle between logic and gut feeling. Your friend will seem more logical -- relentlessly logical, even -- so you'll respond by expressing yourself in whatever ways feel most natural, even if that means raising your voice. You might surprise yourself with the things you'll say and do in this relationship when you're all worked up!

It's just that your buddy will somehow instinctively know how to push all your buttons, and you'll push theirs right back. You won't understand each other very well, either; let's hope there are other more harmonious aspects between you to ease your communication. For your part, you'll need to watch not only what you say but how you say it. Your tendency will be to interrupt or raise your voice in order to get your point across, but even in heated moments, you should treat your friend with care, and as an equal.

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