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Mars square Mars

Poison Ivy

Kelli Fox

Without plenty of harmonizing aspects to promote good feelings between you, this aspect could be real trouble in your friendship because of the hostile energy it will create. When you're around each other, you'll feel excited and touchy, ready to react to anything your friend does or says, and even to imagined slights. Your basic approach to life, to how you get things done on a day by day basis, will be at odds.

You'll both take things so personally; in a sense, you'll have the effect of poison ivy on each other -- a spreading irritation that only seems to get worse with time. When arguments arise, you'll both get hostile and defensive fast, even if that's not your normal nature. You'll feel the tension in your bodies when you're together, and it will be hard to relax. Exercising extreme patience will be the only way to get through this difficult influence, but this aspect will make patience almost unattainable.

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