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Mars sextile Uranus

Creativity And Adventure

Kelli Fox

You'll have quite an adventurous, exciting friendship. You'll be highly creative as a team, and you'll both encourage those high-flying ideas. This will be an unusually positive expression of what could otherwise just be an unsettling influence.

Your pal will think up lots of exciting adventures for you to get into together. Experimentation will be highlighted between you, and you'll both value originality. Your pal will enliven you and encourage you to be ever more individualistic. What a great influence! They'll support your independence instead of hindering it, and you'll help give form and outlet to their best, most original ideas. So take advantage of the positive possibilities of this influence. Don't hold back when you're hanging out together, and don't be afraid of going overboard in your thinking or your self-expression. Push it to the limits, because you'll pull each other back if need be.

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