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Mars sextile Jupiter

Realizing Your Potential

Kelli Fox

Your friend will encourage you to be the person you want to be -- to pursue your goals, achieve your ambitions and create the success that you have the potential to find. Their encouraging energy will be an active part of your day-to-day interactions, but it will also come through as an effortless good-luck vibe. The support and enthusiasm they'll offer you will create a very positive energy that will push you to dream big and act fearlessly.

The energy between you will be strong and positive, and you'll enjoy hanging out together, whether you're playing sports, going hiking or building something as a team. And whatever projects you undertake together will be a success, because you'll know you can rely on each other as teammates. This friend will have a positive, optimistic effect on you, and you'll support each other in meeting life head-on, with both eyes open.

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