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Mars opposite Uranus

An Adversarial Relationship

Kelli Fox

You could find it really hard to have a true friendship. It may start to seem as if the friendship just isn't worth the pain and irritation that comes with it, unless there are plenty of other aspects between you to promote real kinship. The problem is, you'll often feel very impatient with each other.

Your pal will constantly assert their need for independence, which could make you try to force something that isn't there. Needless to say, this dynamic will put you on opposite sides of the fence. Your buddy will be really hard to pin down, which will make you irritated, even angry. Arguing as much as you two are likely to do will only push you further apart. You'll start looking at every situation that comes up as win or lose, and neither of you will want to lose. This lack of cooperation will be very hard to deal with over time; unless other aspects can help you deal with this one, this friendship may not last.

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