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Mars opposite North Node

Focused On The Past

Kelli Fox

Moving forward into your future is a sign that you're progressing as a human being. To stay focused on the past would be to stagnate or even regress, and unfortunately, the two of you together could spend more time looking backward than forward. You won't mean to hold your pal back, of course.

But you'll be very focused on their past, which could ultimately be a hindrance. If there are problems in the friendship or in their life, looking to your pasts for the answer will only be one part of the solution. You should concern yourselves more with where you're each going as individuals, especially if one or both of you has had a troubled past. Moving on is the only way to, well, move on! If you insist on inspecting the cracks in the sidewalk of your life, you won't get anywhere. Don't put your buddy through this. Instead, turn your focus toward the future.

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