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Mars conjunct Saturn

Complementary Differences

Kelli Fox

In the beginning, when you first meet, you'll probably work well together; you'll bring energy and excitement to the table, and your friend will act as a grounding influence. You'll encourage them to be more spontaneous and carefree, looser in making plans, while they'll have good lessons to teach you about focus, planning and hard work. But problems will come up when you don't want to take on too much responsibility.

Your friend will be uncomfortable about your carefree, adventurous spirit. These qualities could make them feel nervous since they're a bit more inhibited than you, and their natural response might be to try to control you. But that won't work; it'll only create rebellion on your part. Instead, get to know each other well, even if it frustrates (or bores) you. You'll probably find that your differences aren't so frightening after all, and in fact, they're complementary in a friendship.

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