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Jupiter trine Uranus

Honesty And Encouragement

Kelli Fox

You'll have a strong friendship that's based in honesty. You'll identify closely with each other intellectually and your ideals about the future will blend together very well. It's not that you'll have the same exact ideas about where you want to go; in fact, your paths should be different enough to create space and movement for both of you.

You'll encourage each other to follow your dreams, but you won't interfere because you'll be too busy following your own. You'll have a lot of original insight into each other's lives; you'll be able to offer each other sound advice when it's needed and then step back to let the magic happen. You'll always know that you can trust and count on each other, because of this aspect's emphasis on honesty. Expect the unexpected with this influence working between you. You'll both grow tremendously through your friendship with each other.

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