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Jupiter trine Neptune

A Little Too Easy, Perhaps

Kelli Fox

Your pal will encourage your spiritual growth in a wonderful way. You're interested in personal growth, but you usually tend to focus on mental or intellectual expansion. Your buddy will have a handle on the more emotional and spiritual side of human experience and they'll invite you into their world for the betterment of both of you.

They'll be enlivened by your natural optimism and spontaneity, and they'll offer you their own compassion and emotional support in return. Though you're more of a thinker and they're more of a feeler, your two approaches to experiencing life will actually be complementary, and with this influence between you, you won't lack for a sense of commonality in your friendship. Your individual gifts -- your intellectual keenness, your sense of values and your pal's emotional depths -- will combine to teach each other about living life in a fuller way.

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