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Jupiter square Pluto

Pushed To Define Yourselves

Kelli Fox

You'll want to cooperate with each other, but instead, somehow, you'll get into power struggles. The intensity of this aspect can be mitigated by other, softer ones that will promote harmony between you, but in general, this one will be hard to deal with. Your friend will try, consciously or subconsciously, to force you to change, because your methods of processing the world and your place in it won't match up with theirs.

You're much more intellectual about things than they are, whereas they act more from the gut. You'll both take your own side in a serious and dogmatic way, clinging to your own beliefs so fervently that you could forget there's any other way of experiencing the world. In some big ways, you'll disagree. Challenges like this can be really hard to deal with and could make you feel divided. On the other hand, this friendship could push you to define yourself in ways that you've never thought of before.

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