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Jupiter sextile Pluto

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Kelli Fox

There will be a feeling of friendship and support between you that will help both of you accomplish something big through your connection with each other. You'll bring a certain energy to your friend's life, a desire to make those changes they've always thought about but haven't quite gotten around to. You'll be a huge source of support for them on this journey of theirs.

Your own growth process will inspire your buddy's search for meaning in life, and vice versa. This aspect will help deepen your connection as friends. Philosophically and psychologically, you'll be in tune with each other at a deep level. You might each choose to do some sort of formalized expansion of the soul during the course of your friendship -- taking classes in Zen Buddhism or astrology, for example. Whatever you do, do something! This friendship offers you a nice opportunity that should be taken advantage of.

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