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Jupiter sextile Jupiter

Supportive growth

Kelli Fox

Your strength as friends will be an innate sense of balance and timing that will forge a wonderful bond between you. You'll help each other find yourselves. Your individual purposes in life could become more clear through the course of this relationship than they've ever been to you before, and you'll support each other as best friends would in finding your way along your paths.

You'll feel calm and open when you're together, ready to take what comes and deal with it as a team. If problems come up between you, you'll be really good at staying calm and choosing the right moment to talk things out and deal with them together. You'll both want to expand your minds and your horizons, and that's something you'll be able to do in this friendship. Learning will be highlighted for you, and the optimism you'll bring to each other's lives will inspire self-confidence in both of you.

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