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Jupiter quincunx Sun

Stubborn beliefs

Kelli Fox

Incompatible egos and energies could become an issue between you. Your core values and beliefs aren't exactly in line with your friend's personality, and you'll both experience some resulting tension as you get to know each other better. You're looking to learn something through this relationship, to expand your horizons, but your goals and methods will run counter to your buddy's natural behavior and self-expression.

You'll both feel limited as a result of this disconnect. Neither of you is right or wrong; you just have different ideas, both of which deserve respect. One thing to avoid is brushing your frustration or your concerns aside and opting for blind optimism -- 'Oh, things will be fine!' Your friendship can certainly be a satisfying mutual growth experience, but only if you're open, honest and communicative with each other. Otherwise, you'll only feel frustrated as your values are challenged and your beliefs overridden by your friend's energy.

Jupiter quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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