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Jupiter quincunx Mercury

Dogmatic beliefs

Kelli Fox

You'll find that your philosophies, values and deep-rooted beliefs are a bit of a mismatch, which could cause mounting tension over time. Labeling your friend as superficial, however, would be a mistake. You two could get into an ongoing argument about theory versus logic, and you're likely to exaggerate your buddy's shortcomings in this area.

On the other hand, to you, logic isn't always the best way to approach life, and your universe doesn't fit into neat little boxes. You're interested in exploring its complexities, and you want a friend to join you in that journey in a way that's enlightening for both of you. It will be difficult to communicate about your values and beliefs, because that easy, smooth link just isn't there between you. Don't neglect opportunities to learn from their logical perspective, however. You may find that your own philosophies are based on certain implausible ideas that can be rethought or tightened up in some important way.

Jupiter quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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