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Jupiter quincunx Mars

Different goals

Kelli Fox

You'll share some wonderful, complementary strengths that will make your relationship fun, dynamic and engaging. But the probability runs high that you'll overestimate what's possible between you, which can lead to disappointment when your grand hopes and dreams fall flat in the face of reality. The wonderful team you'll think you make?

Well, you're not quite as suited to teamwork as you believe. In fact, your values are rather different from your friend's. The goals they'll pursue might seem to you not to be worth the time and energy; you've set your sights on other horizons. The key here will be to accept and respect each other's beliefs and ambitions, even when you find out they're actually quite different from your own. If you can do that, your friendship will be solid, and you could even create that wonderful team you dreamed of.

Jupiter quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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