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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Exploring Your Horizons

Kelli Fox

You'll like this person from your very first contact for the mile-wide independent streak that runs through them. The influence of this aspect will support a sense of freedom, individuality and originality in your friendship. You'll match up well intellectually; you'll both love tossing around ideas, the bigger and more abstract the better.

And you'll probably get up to some pretty strange antics together! Your pal will have a tendency to egg you on, so be careful about pushing things too far when you're together. You might get into things that would give you definite pause if you were on your own. But since this aspect is all about discovery of the unknown, cautioning you to exercise restraint may be futile anyway. You'll want to expand your horizons in a big way; you'll want to explore the world with your cohort. And again, they won't hold you back. They'll support you in your exploration.

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