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#Thanksgiving is a very special time of year for most American families, and families across the nation make a huge effort to be together for this holiday and to eat, drink and give thanks for their blessings. The holiday has a warm and generous-spirited feel to it, but with long travel often involved and the typical tensions found among a large extended family, there can be anxious moments as well as celebration.

During this year’s Thanksgiving, the Moon will be in vivacious, sociable and versatile Gemini, which is bodes well for the communicative aspect of the day. However, there is an unusual outer planetary aspect this day which will bring a slightly edgier feel to this Thanksgiving than we’re used to. With Saturn squaring Neptune, the biggest issue could be a hard dose of reality versus high expectations. You know that feeling when the day itself isn’t as much fun as the waiting for it?

Also, the day before there’s a Full Moon in Gemini so traveling may be a very frustrating experience. At least this Gemini Moon could make for a great recipe for happy conversation around the Thanksgiving table, or not. Watch out for arguments and petty bickering. Someone may be wanting to poke and prod, much to the dismay of the rest of friends and family.

Fortunately, however, Venus and Mars will be in harmony-seeking Libra, helping to ease tensions and to bring smiles. This lends a positive air to the Thanksgiving proceedings, and is the perfect influence to remind us to offer thanks for our bountiful blessings.


It’s a loving and romantic Thanksgiving for you, but you would probably prefer to be alone with your partner rather than in too much company. Nevertheless, your sense of humor comes to the fore and you’ll love gently teasing family members you haven’t seen for a while. Serve lots of small courses instead of just a few larger ones, so that guests can pick and mix their Thanksgiving meal. Give thanks for your assertive nature and your leadership qualities.


Over-indulgence could be a problem for you this year, Taurus, as your ruler Venus is at odds with Pluto. This means an obsession with a certain topic of conversation could cause a stir. A fantastic spread is a must if you’re hosting but take care not to over-do it with desserts. Have a plan in mind to divert the conversation away from sensitive issues you’d rather not discuss, thereby keeping the peace around the table. Give thanks for your ability to make a difference in the world through your own hard work.


Your positivity and exuberance make Thanksgiving come alive this year, whether you’re hosting or traveling home. You absolutely love this holiday and with your ruler Mercury forming a sextile to Venus and Mars, you couldn’t be feeling more blessed. You’re not that bothered about the food this year, but what will matter to you is catching up with friends and loved ones. Make sure you remember to take plenty of photos because there are memories to be made. Give thanks for your youthfulness, health and vigor.


As the most home loving of all of the signs, Thanksgiving is always a special time of year for you. This year, with the Moon in the spiritual sector of your chart, your heart is set on making it a truly memorable occasion. You’ll go all out with the holiday décor as well as the delicious food, and nothing is too much trouble for you to make everyone else feel welcome. Give thanks for the love which surrounds you and the love you so effortlessly give others.


Relationships between you and your friends will be highlighted this Thanksgiving, but it’s important to the rest of your family that you put your blood relatives first. Use the diplomacy of Venus and Mars in Libra to help you be gracious about this, and work hard on enjoying the occasion. With serious Saturn in the most carefree and risk-taking part of your chart this year could be somber and serious. It will be best to take the traditional route. Give thanks for your family, especially for those who are teaching you patience at this time.


It’s an extravagant Thanksgiving for you this year, Virgo, with the Venus and Mars urging you to spend, spend, spend on wreaths, décor, expensive food and hostess gifts. You’re not in a hugely sociable mood though, so may feel slightly awkward during the family day itself, and you have less patience than normal with the whole event. However, you’ll mellow as the day progresses, and you do appreciate the warmth and family togetherness. Give thanks for the interesting and exciting opportunities heading your way.


With Venus and Mars in your own sign, it’s a high energy and very enjoyable Thanksgiving for you this year, Libra – if the rest of the family can keep up with you! You’ve been working very hard recently and you’ll love this opportunity to rest and to smell the roses. If you’re cooking, watch the salt and try to provide some healthy sides and snacks to balance out the indulgent main. Gives thanks for your social skills and for those who support you on a daily basis.


This year, Thanksgiving is a slightly vague and dreamy day, and you could find yourself caught up in travel confusion or a mix-up of some kind. If you’re cooking or hosting, you may struggle with organization, since the planetary influences are giving you an ethereal but sleepy kind of vibe. You’ll love the meal and the family happiness, though – even if you do fall asleep straight afterwards! Give thanks for your imagination and for the opportunities it brings you.


With the effects of the Full Moon you could be the life and soul of this year’s Thanksgiving party. Try to stop talking for long enough to listen to others though – the rest of your family have tales to tell too, you know. Young children will charm you but elderly relatives will need some extra care and attention, and you’re just the right person to put a smile on their faces. Give thanks for your many different interests and talents, and for the variety life brings you. A word of caution though, with serious Saturn in your sign it will be best to be respectful and sober.


Normally a traditionalist at heart, this Thanksgiving you’ll surprise everyone. Whether it’s creating brand new family traditions or putting a new twist on favorite old recipes, you’ll manage to honor the past while looking towards the future at the same time – quite some juggling trick. You’re very positive at this time, and you have a real sense of optimism as the Northern winter gets underway – share your exciting plans with your family around the table. Give thanks for the winter darkness from which new spring shoots will arrive.


Travel is highlighted in your Thanksgiving chart, so if you’re not celebrating somewhere exotic, you’ll be keen to include a trip to places which are dear to your childhood memories. Your generous spirit is out in force this year too, and it’s the ideal time to persuade your family to volunteer some time to help make Thanksgiving special for other members of the community too. Give thanks for those who care for others, and for your own amazing loved ones.


You’ll have something of an open house policy this Thanksgiving, which makes for a very crowded home indeed – something which might not go down too well with some members of the family. Jealousies may arise, particularly with someone who thinks they deserve more of your time. Your love, kindness and ability to smooth over any troubles will, however, make this a year to remember, for all the right reasons. Give thanks for the gift of humor and for someone in particular who makes you laugh when you need it most.

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