Your Taurus Pet

Kelli Fox

Humans aren’t the only ones on Earth affected by the planets’ movements. Just as you have a distinct personality, so does your beloved dog or cat — and just as your personality is affected by the position of the Sun at the moment of your birth, so is Fido’s or Tiger’s. Like their human counterparts, animals express their personality traits through the energy of the Sun, as filtered through the Signs of the Zodiac.

Read your pet’s Sign to discover how the Zodiac has influenced his or her personality. If you aren’t sure of your pet’s exact birth date, read through each Sign profile to find the one that fits your furry friend to a T. Chances are good that your pet was born when the fiery Sun was passing through that Sign.

Good food, plenty of love, and a warm, soft place to sleep at night — these are all a Taurus pet needs to live a good life. Oh, and perhaps a job. This sign is all about hard work and sensual pleasures. Taurus dogs are happiest when they can spend their days learning and practicing tricks, or better yet, working at an actual occupation, such as sheep herding or agility competitions. Your Taurus cat will also enjoy activities like climbing a kitty tower or working her claws on a scratching post. Most Taurus pets love being in nature, so if possible, allow your kitty or pup to explore the outdoors from time to time. As hardworking as they are, of course, Taurus pets still love to relax. On warm afternoons, you’re likely to find your pet sprawled out on the floor, enjoying the sunlight. In fact, many Taurus pets tend toward laziness, not to mention stubbornness — all the more reason to provide yours with activities to keep him occupied. Taurus pets also love to eat, and can quickly become overweight without plenty of exercise. Don’t be surprised if your Taurus dog or cat has an expensive palate. These food-lovers may turn up their noses at cheap kibble, preferring food with finer ingredients and more nuanced flavors. Finally, set aside time every day to enjoy a good cuddle with your furry friend. Taurus pets adore kisses, massages and the clear message that they are loved.

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